Tea for a Teenager - A 13th birthday afternoon tea party

Eve’s thirteenth birthday afternoon tea party was a teenager’s dream! At an age when a party can be hard to get right, (they’re far too mature for pass the parcel...), a vintage tea party was the more grown-up party that Eve wanted. I didn’t want it to be too childish but equally not too adult either, the perfect balance was found by using vintage tea cups, serving delicious cakes and having fun with photo props. Eve told me that she wanted a pink and gold theme with some unique touches that would make her tea party different from other parties her friends had been to, so that is what we did!

The room was adorned with gold fans, confetti balloons and of course the trademark 1 and 3 gold foil balloons to remind everyone that Eve is now a teenager! The table was set with an array of vintage tea cups, saucers and side plates which were piled high with sandwiches, mini cupcakes, pink biscuits, mini Colin the caterpillar cakes (an M&S favourite) and a selection of fruit. Each guest had a little gift bag which included a gift wrapped biscuit treat and a super cool gold foil celebration tattoo from Ginger Ray, which of course the girls had to put on straight away!

When the guests arrived they were greeted with a mini mason jar filled with either chocolate or strawberry milk and a little cookie on the side, in Alice in Wonderland tea party style labels on the jar read 'drink me’. Guests then dived into the selection of treats, sandwiches, fruit and the doughnut wall as well as fooling around with photo props and taking plenty of snaps for their insta!

Lights, confetti and cakes filled the table and the unicorn rainbow cake from Crumbs and Doilies was the pièce de résistance! It looked amazing and tasted even better, it was a fabulous centre piece and the gasps of awe from the girls when the first slice was served was audible. It was truly a dream tea party for a teenager and her friends!