Have your say on your big day - The bride speech

Whilst everyone is still revelling in the excitement from the Royal Wedding at the weekend, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to publish my next blog post!  Saturday was a wonderfully romantic and special day for Harry and Meghan and reports from the evening reception suggest that Meghan took to the microphone herself and made a speech to the guests. Does this mean that that we will see more speeches made by the bride over the next few years as the ‘Meghan effect’ takes hold?  

A YouGov poll from 2016 found that only 16% of those surveyed thought the bride should give a speech at her wedding. This came as a surprise to me, mostly because I think why not?! Why shouldn’t the bride make a speech and why do people think that she shouldn’t?

Weddings tend to be a time when people revert back to tradition and this might be why people are unsure about the bride making a speech as people don’t like anything new or different. But times are changing and hopefully the bridal speech will become normal and accepted as I can’t think of anything nicer than hearing from the bride herself on her wedding day.  

Out of the 5 weddings I attended last year, 3 of these had a speech from a female, all of these speeches happened to be made by the bride’s sister, but this shows how traditions are being challenged and the ladies in the bridal party also want to be heard!

What makes the bride speech even better is that there is no format to follow! It doesn’t have to thank anyone in particular, pull on heart strings or try too hard for a laugh as people don’t know what to expect from it because it hasn’t been done regularly before. But this also means that there is no format to follow so where do you start? What should you say and who should you thank?! Speechy has a great article on ‘How to Nail your Bride Speech’ as well of loads of blog posts offering advice on speech writing and delivery (definitely worth a read for anyone making a speech at a wedding!).

A speech made by the bride is still considered unique and unusual and will be loved by your guests. If you feel confident enough to make one - be innovative, be imaginative, be an inspiration and use the opportunity to truly express yourself in front of your closest friends and family!